Hardware : screws, spacers and squares

As far as I am concerned, in DIYing a synthesizer the most exciting part certainly is electronics, from the design of the schematics and PCBs to the trimming of the prototypes... Next come the design and assembly of a decent cabinet and front panels. At this stage, a lot of hardware is required and the quality of these small hardware pieces such as screws, nuts and bolts play a very important part altogether in the quality and "finish" of our beloved machines.
Here is a selection of useful parts for the final asssembly of electronic boards.
Visible screws

These are the screws that will show on the front plate of the synth. I use black screws to match the dark colour of the Synthesizers.com's blank panels.

Hidden screws


The spacers are very useful to fix the PCBs behind the front plates. Those shown on this pictures are short models. As amatter of fact, I use a longer model (i.e. 40mm long) in order to avoid that the PCB tracks ever come into contact with the jacks and potentiometers mounted on the face plate.


When the PCB is too big to fit behind the front panel, it has to be mounted perpendicular to the back of the face plate

Here is an example of a PCB mounted with squares :