My SDIY projects

This page is dedicated to the description of my SDIY projects, either achieved or on-going. I design and built  these during my free time and for the fun of doing it. I DO NOT sell any of these and I WILL NOT build one for other people. Nevertheless, on this site, I make available all information and instructions to build them. Therefore, any electronics hobbyist around can build these. The projects of this site may be build for personal, private usage or educative purpose. Commercial exploitation of the schematics, circuits, front panels and software shown on this site, is not permitted without a formal agreement with myself.

Finished projects

The US1 Modular

This was my first attempt at building a modular synthesizer back in 1979-1980 while I was a student.
It would deserve a complete rebuilding with a nice panel and fancy knobs but I am reluctent to do so because I am attached to its dodgy amateurish look that reminds me of my young and happy days... It's my citizen Kane's Rosebud (in France we would say "my Proust's madeleine..."

On going projects

The YUSYNTH #000
modular synthesizer

This project started back in 2005 and can be considered has my most ambitious project so far, not to say my "masterpiece". It is a huge Analogue Modular Synthesizer in the tradition of big Moog modulars. This project is close to completion and I must say that I am pretty pleased with the final result.


This project was started in 2004 and in a "stall" status since I started the YUSYNTH #000 modular project. However, I will return to this project as soon as the big modular is achieved.
My aim is to buil an augmented version of the famous EMS-VCS3, that's why it is called X-VCS3 which stands for Xtended VCS3 !

EFM Wildcat

This a double project of building a Wildcat Modular based on the PCB once sold by Tom Gamble of EFM (Electronics For Music).