Crumar Multiman S paraphonic synthesizer
The Multiman-S is a polyphonic/paraphonic keyboard featuring the following presets : string ensemble (cello,violin), brass section (nice sound), piano (a very bad mimic), a clavichord and an electric bass guitar. I purchased it back in july 1980 for FF 5,015  (roughly US$ 1,000 of 1980).
The Brass section is based on the famous voltage controlled Moog ladder 4 poles low-pass filter (I gathered that R. A. Moog collaborated with CRUMAR long ago...) with full control of the cut-off, the resonance and the envelope (AD). 
Here are the schematics of the Multiman S with the famous Moog ladder filter.
It also came with some optional devices such as a swell pedal, a frequency control pedal for the Moog filter and a low octave pedal board.
I think someday I will add to it a vocal filter bank in order to achieve an electronic "choir" effect!