modular synthesizer
I purchased this system to fulfill an old dream of mine for a reasonable cost (well, this is all relative...) As a matter of fact, when I was a student back in the seventees, I was dreaming of those huge modular synths owned by my favourite artists in those days (Tangerine Dream, Klaus Schulze...). Some years ago, Klaus Schulze's Moog modular was auctioned on ebay ( The starting price was 1 € but the bids quickly rose to eventually exceed 21,100 € (> 28,000 US$) ! Much too expensive for me though...  Therefore, when I saw that I could buy myself modern complete analogue modular for a decent price (4789 €, including bank transfer fees, custom taxes, VAT and shipping), I did not hesitate much longer! It is still a nice little dough, but since I have no car and do not smoke I save a lot of money :-) !
Report : unpacking !

The system came in two different parcels for a total weight of 55kg. The small one contained the keyboard while the big one concealed the cabinet, patch cords and a few accessories. All this was thoroughly wrapped in tons of bubble plastic sheets. No way a scratch could occur during the journey from Dallas (Texas) to Grenoble (France), my homecity.
The parcels

 Off the box

Stripping her off !

There she is !

Did you say Moog ?


And now to some sound samples ?
Bass sounds
Chameleon : the bass line of Herbie Hancock's Chameleon, uses the Moog ladder VCF at various resonance settings, what's great with this Q150 filter is the bass compensation at high resonance, it rocks !

Birdland : the bass line of Weather Report's famous Birdland, uses the Moog ladder VCF at various resonance settings
Don't you want me : the first bars of a famous hit of the eighties by Human league, tasty cheasy brass sounds and a lot of punch

Experimental patches

D.J. Reed do play the dijeridoo ! : a patch with weird vocal tones.

And what was to be... occurred ! Now the system has grown to a 88U system !
Yes, since I found that my QSS44 was kind of small... , I have decided that I needed more modules. Therefore I added two top cabinets. I DIYed the upper cabinet with oak boards that I cut, assembled, dyed, varnished and polished for hours... I am quite satisfied since it looks like the 22 space cabinet.